Top 3 PPC Strategies for Hotel Marketing in 2017

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PPC is constantly improving and innovating, and this means that new strategies must also be implemented. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the new and successful hotel PPC strategies in 2017 that seem to be going well for PPC marketers. Here are the top 3 PPC strategies for hotel marketing that you should also consider trying:

  1. Voice search

Voice search is becoming huge now, with around 20% of mobile queries done through voice searches. It has also been predicted that by 2020, web browsing sessions will be 30% screen-less. For 2017, hotel PPC marketers ought to take advantage of voice search. It’s best to begin testing now since the competition and the risk is still low. The intent in voice search queries is often clear and hence the results can be more targeted.

  1. Choose keywords carefully

In order to connect with potential customers across every stage in the buying process, it’s advisable to use both head and long-tail keywords. May customers are sure that they want to go on a holiday—however, they may not have decided on their destination yet. It is crucial to remember this when choosing keywords. High-volume words will may allow your ad to be seen more, but you must see to it that you set appropriate bids and budgets, and that you optimize often.

  1. Credit different touch points

When a customer makes a purchase, it’s easy to just credit the final step or click. But the journey to get there is also as important. Travel plans—especially last-minute holidays—usually involve a lot of research, and there are multiple touch points throughout this process. You need to credit these touch points properly to avoid the risk of overlooking keywords your target market uses during those important initial stages of the research journey.