Tips for Photography to Take Better Hotel Interior Images

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Good hotel interior photography is key to having attractive visuals at hand—image that you can use on your website and other marketing materials to encourage guests to check in. The key is to make your hotel appear more inviting while highlighting its best features. Here are some to photography tips to take better hotel interior pictures:

  1. Look around and get inspiration

Before you begin, browse the internet or read some magazines and try to find some photos and styles that might suit the image you want to project. If you are not exactly a skilled photographer, it may be best to hire a professional hotel photographer to come to your premises and discuss ideas.

  1. Show little details.

Photos of entire rooms and other areas are important, but you should also consider showing off the little details. Whether it’s the vases or drawer handles, grouping detail shots with room pictures will provide your potential guests with a more welcoming impression.

  1. Keep it true.

Effective hotel interior photography is all about presenting your hotel in the best light. However, this does not mean that you have to stage your hotel to the point of misrepresentation. Don’t make your rooms appear bigger than they actually are. Your guests will be very disappointed once they find out that the rooms are not as huge as they expected.

  1. Feel free to rearrange the furniture.

Rearranging the furniture is not meant to make the rooms appear different than how they look like in real life. It’s just helps give more coherence to your hotel’s photographs. You have the freedom to decide how the final photographs are going to appear.

  1. Keep it simple.

Good hotel interior photography is pretty simple. The purpose of the pictures is not to show off the skills of the photographer, but to illustrate what your hotel can offer potential guests.