Tips to Market Your Brand after a Hotel Renovation

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Renovating your hotel can provide you with a lot of advantages. Not only can it help maintain your reputation—it can also renew interest in your brand. Hotel renovation has a positive impact on the value of your property. Most travelers prefer staying with resorts and hotels that are newly built or newly renovated. Upgrading your property is a way for your business to keep up with the current trends. It’s also a way to make your hotel more distinct, and provides you with a chance to rebrand your business.

When you first launched your hotel business, you might not have focused much on marketing visuals. Now is your chance. A hotel renovation can give you the opportunity to emphasize your hotel’s individuality and drum up interest from potential guests. Here are some tips to market your hotel after its renovation:

  1. Seek the services of a professional hotel photographer.

It’s important to provide people with visuals that will make them want to stay at your hotel. Attractive pictures can boost your marketing and advertising efforts. Hiring a hotel photographer to take new photos of your property can help you transform your old brand into a fresh one.

  1. Update your hotel website with great visuals.

Aside from still photographs, visuals for hotel websites also ideally include videos and virtual tours. You can hire the services of professionals to give you an advice on how to promote your newly renovated hotel on every social media platform. The best hotel marketing agencies can provide you with an experienced hotel photographer as well as marketing strategists that can help you come up with better marketing campaigns.

  1. Update your hotels listings in online travel agencies.

As much as possible, change your hotel descriptions to “newly renovated” and write about the benefits that customers will get if they stay at your hotel. Also encourage your guests to leave reviews and testimonials about your hotel on various platforms. Reviews will help you enhance both brand credibility and publicity.