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Avoid These 5 Common Hotel PPC Mistakes

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You are probably already familiar with advertising on search engines, where you bid on certain keywords for ad slots. Hotel PPC is the same—it is a way to buy traffic

Tips to Market Your Brand after a Hotel Renovation

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Renovating your hotel can provide you with a lot of advantages. Not only can it help maintain your reputation—it can also renew interest in your brand. Hotel renovation has a

Looking for Marketing Solutions for Hotels and Resorts to Increase Online Revenue?

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Digital Marketing is becoming increasingly important for more and more aspects of business. Effective marketing increases business productivity, builds better brand awareness, generates more leads, and improves sales. Most of

Secure More Direct Bookings with a Digital Marketing Agency for Hotels

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The online hotel market remains to be dominated by OTAs and giant booking agencies, leaving property owners struggling for more direct bookings. Travel agents and booking sites are invaluable for

Ideal Marketing Solutions for the Hotel Industry

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If there is one thing that business owners should be constantly on top of, it is how to efficiently utilize their marketing budget, especially with the ever-changing needs of consumers

How Digital Marketing for Hotels Can Help Boost Online Bookings?

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Digital marketing is proving to be one of the most efficient lead generating, engagement, and sales tool in business. This is why more hotel marketers are turning to digital marketing