Avoid These 5 Common Hotel PPC Mistakes

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You are probably already familiar with advertising on search engines, where you bid on certain keywords for ad slots. Hotel PPC is the same—it is a way to buy traffic to your site by paying every time someone clicks on your advertisement. For you to be able to get the most out of your hotel PPC ad campaigns, you need to know which keywords are most suitable. You also need to efficiently monitor your PPC efforts. To keep your campaign on the right track, here are some common hotel PPC mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Not using a strategy

All advertising and marketing efforts need to have a strategy. Before you start investing in PPC, you will want to clearly define your goals first. If you lack strategy, your hotel PPC ads can just cost you a lot without giving you real rewards.

  1. Using keywords that are too broad

Short-tail and broad keywords are not necessarily the best for your advertising campaigns. Using broad-match keywords such as “hotels” won’t yield favorable results. You will most probably just have to spend lots of money and not get conversions for it. Some clicks may not be relevant to your business, and you will have to pay for clicks that really do nothing for you. When you come up with ads, you’ll want to determine the keywords that will provide you with the most conversion at the most competitive price.

  1. Ads that have no emotion

If your ads are plain, dull, and boring, you cannot expect them to attract potential customers. The best hotel PPC ads are unique. They evoke emotions that allow them to stand out from the rest of the search results.

  1. Ads that are not tailored to target audiences

You need to know your target audience first before you create your ads. Once you’ve already determined their preferences and what catches their eyes, you can then tailor your ads to attract them specifically.

  1. Sending visitors to a broken page

One PPC mistake that is costly and completely useless is sending your visitors to a broken or wrong page. If you are running a PPC ad for a specific page in your website, see to it that your visitors are led to that page directly.